Deciding When to Remodel Your Kitchen


You have lived in your home for years. It’s beautiful and it has served you well. Now that life has found its own rhythm, you may decide that it is time for a change in your home. Where to begin? That is the toughest question. The living room is where you spend most of your family time. Maybe that is where you could brighten things up. Or maybe the bathrooms, they could probably use a little facelift. How about the kitchen? That is where you spend most of your time anyway. Yeah, the kitchen, why not? An improved kitchen can add dramatic value to your house and is the heart of the home. Kitchen renovations can range from simple touch ups to major overhauls. The first thing you should do is to decide on a budget and what your kitchen really needs. It could be that a new window treatment and a paint job will be enough to revitalize it. Or perhaps, it is in desperate need of new counter tops and new appliances. Maybe the lighting has never been great and you want a new kitchen lighting layout. Perhaps you want to gut the whole thing and start from scratch. See what your budget allows and consult a kitchen remodeling company if you need to.

If you are going to simply paint and change out the window treatments and accessories, then you need to decide on a color scheme. This doesn’t have to be terribly difficult.
Look at the overall light, be it natural or artificial, and decide if the room needs brightening up or would do well with deeper tones. Pick colors that work well together in either a compliment, like two different shades of the same color, or in contrast, like deep blues and yellows. If you have an inspirational fabric or accessory, play with the colors found in those to help you choose a wall color. Once you have made the decision, buy the paint and give it a whirl. For under $50 you can change the whole look for your kitchen.

If you are going with a huge remodel, after deciding on a budget, you need to consider the layout. Most people go with the traditional triangle layout. This puts the sink, the stove and oven, and the refrigerator in a triangle pattern making it easy to access during food preparations. This is a popular concept but not necessarily a kitchen remodeling law. You may decide you want something else. Be sure to layout your kitchen in way that is both stylish to your desires but also, functional. A beautiful kitchen is no good if you don’t feel at ease using it. Again, if you don’t feel creative enough to tackle kitchen layouts alone, consult a professional in the greater Chicago area. One suggestion is to check out an on-line source for examples. You may find examples of styles you like.

However big you wish to go with your kitchen remodel, take your time, do your homework, and never be afraid to consult others for suggestions and advice. This doesn’t have to be scary; in fact it should be fun.

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