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Why You Shouldn’t DIY Your Bathroom Reno


Every home owner loves an up-to-date bathroom, one that is clean, modern, and filled with all the latest amenities. Of course, as time goes on, the wear and tear of a high-traffic room like a bathroom will increase, and the fixtures will slowly become outdated and obsolete. It’s for this reason that a bathroom remodelling job is necessary every few years. Many home owners, however, may be a little hesitant to hire experts in the field of home improvement and interior design for fear of the potentially sky-high price tag. In such cases, many home owners will tackle a DIY job on their own in hopes of saving a few bucks.

The truth is, however, that the job could actually cost more than they anticipate when they do it on their own, simply because a person who is not skilled, trained and experienced in bathroom renos can cause more costly problems than they would have anticipated. Here are some reasons why a DIY bathroom reno and redesigning job can be more costly than if you had just gone with a professional in the first place:

Time = Money: How Much Time Will it Take You to Get the Job Done?

If you’re like most people, you probably have a full-time job that takes up a good portion of your days. This leaves you with very little time after work and on weekends to get the job done. Weeks and months can go by with the bathroom still in shambles, which is even more of a nuisance if this is the only bathroom in the home. Instead, if expert designers and contractors were doing the job, they’d be there every day until the job gets done, more often within a fraction of the time had a home owner tried to do the job themselves.

Causing More Problems Than Fixing Them

As an amateur, what exactly do you know about things like plumbing, electrical issues, structural issues, flooring, and so on? If you don’t really know what you’re doing, you could be doing more harm than good, and causing a lot more damage that will only need to be repaired after – at a cost to you. You could be installing plumbing incorrectly that will quickly develop a leak or two – water damage can be a devastating and costly expense. Do yourself a favour and leave it to the pros to take care of.

A Bad Job Will Leave You Having to Renovate Again Sooner Rather Than Later

Anyone who walks into a bathroom can tell if the remodelling job was done by a professional, or done by the home owner themselves. It doesn’t take an expert to spot extra-large gaps between tiles, messy caulking around the sink, or flooring that’s a little uneven. If you don’t do the job right the first time, and you are left with mistakes and unsightly finishes, you could find yourself having to remodel all over again sooner rather than later, which will further put a dent in your wallet.

Do yourself – and your bank account – a favour and leave it to the experts in home design and remodelling to do the job right the first time.

If you need a little expert help when it comes to remodelling or redesigning your home, call upon the experts in this field, such as Lux Design in Toronto. Their team of designers will work closely with your ideas and budget to create the perfect space in your home!

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